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My name is Alanna and I am the founder of Second Nature Body Co. This company was born from my own wellness journey that began over 10 years ago. I was horrified when I learned of the harmful ingredients in my deodorant so, to provide peace of mind, I decided to make my own. Knowing this one daily habit had been stacking up against me all these years, caused me to re-evaluate all my daily habits and to seriously rethink what I put ON and IN my body.

I thought, “If this one product could change my view on my body and health AND ultimately change my life, it could do the same for someone else too!” Thus, it has become my mission to educate people on the ingredients to avoid in body care products and to empower them to make better choices for their health.

Our bodies deserve better!

Alanna Molloy

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The ICK in your deodorant stick

Not all deodorant is created equally! Some contain ingredients that can cause great harm to our health, especially over time. We avoid using the following ingredients in our products!


    These ingredients are intended to extend a products shelf life BUT studies show they can disrupt hormone function and cause fertility issues.


    Are added to a product to carry fragrance and are often listed vaguely as 'fragrance' under ingredients. They are scientifically linked to asthma, breast cancer, and male fertility issues, among other things.


    Is often found in antiperspirants. It blocks sweat ducts in the applied area to prevent you from sweating. Aluminum is suspect to be connected with breast cancer and Alzheimer's disease.

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What We Use Instead

Read below to learn how this deodorant kicks odor to the curb without harming your health and the environment!