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Deodorant Sample Pack 42g - 6 Mini Deodorants

Deodorant Sample Pack 42g - 6 Mini Deodorants

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Looking for your new 'go to' deodorant? Or you simply like variety? Look no further!

Our deodorant sample pack has all of our deodorants (including our extra strength, baking soda free, regular AND unscented formulas). Each sample box contains 6 mini deodorants that will each last you approximately 1-2 weeks of usage, providing you enough time to learn which formula and scent combos work best with your body chemistry. Now you can easily try them all and find your new go to deodorant with one simple purchase!

In love with this deodorant already? These sample boxes will provide you with a bit of variety OR make a beautiful gift for a loved one on their deodorant journey. Share the love!

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