Frequently Asked Questions

How do I apply this deodorant?

Simply use your finger to scoop out a pea sized amount and gently rub it into each underarm area. It will melt upon contact and easily spread and absorb into the skin.

If you have longer fingernails, we suggest scooping out the product with the back of your fingernail, then applying it to your underarm, then rub it in using your fingers.

Don't want to use your fingers? NO PROBLEM. Some of our customers use a guasha tool. Scoop out a pea sized amount onto your guasha tool, then simply place it onto your underarm area (it will melt upon skin contact) and blend into your skin.

How much do I apply?

Apply a pea sized amount to each underarm area.

Will it last all day?

Our customers have reported three of the following:

1. It lasts all day!

2. I use to apply deodorant several times per day, with this, I only apply once, maybe twice.

3. It is more effective than my previous deodorants!

I sweat a lot, will this work for me?

If you feel you are a heavy sweater, we recommend WINTER SWELL as it has a higher quantity of baking soda to help combat odor.

Our baking soda free formulas, particularly RIVER SIDE was formulated for sensitive skin and heavy sweaters who like the cooling effect of peppermint essential oils.

I have sensitive skin, will this irritate my skin?

5% of people who use "natural deodorants" will experience skin irritation due to the baking soda ingredient, and some due to fragrance.

If you have sensitive skin, we recommend our BAKING SODA FREE FORMULAS or STILLNESS, our unscented formula.

Our 3 baking soda free formulas have gorgeous scents to keep your skin calm and smelling amazing all day!

The STILLNESS formula contains a mear pinch of baking soda. An amount that has been reported to be gentle and non irritating to those typically sensitive to baking soda.

**What's with the baking soda?

Approximately 5% of people will experience skin irritation with the topical use of baking soda. Also, women among this 5%, will ONLY experience irritation during particular times of their menstrual cycle or during times of hormonal changes (pregnancy, peri-menopause etc.)

You know your skin best, so choose what feels right for you or simply try a few samples of each formula to know for sure.

I have underarm hair? Will it work for me?

OMG Yes! We have many customers with underarm hair and because our formula is a cream base that melts on contact with the skin, it spreads so easily.

Underarm hair provides more surface area for odor causing bacteria to cling to and our formulas covers the hair and your skin to keep you smelling great AND feeling dry all day!

Can I use this formula on other parts of my body?

Yep, you sure can! Underboob, thighs, back of neck, other bits. Our formula is gentle on the skin and tough on odor. Some customers love the scents so much they use it as their perfume.

What do you use for scent in these deodorants?

We use ONLY 100% pure essential oils in our formulas. Read below to learn of the essential oils in each of our different scents.

Winter Swell - Inspired by the tree lined beaches of Tofino BC Canada - Tea Tree + Lavender

Mountain High - A crowd favorite uplifting scent - Bergamot + Lime

Stillness - Sometimes less is more - Unscented - no essential oil

Liquid Sunshine - Our most popular, feel good, happy scent - Lemongrass + Lavender

Lake Day - A sensual and grounding vibe - Ylang Ylang + Patchouli

River Side - A cooling water nature smell - Ylang Ylang + Peppermint + Lavender

**when choosing body care products please read the ingredients. If you see a product indicate "fragrance" as an ingredient, the product could include phthalates which are scientifically linked to asthma, breast cancer, and male fertility issues, among other things. ICK! Also beware of products that say "made with essential oils" and remember to read the ingredients to see if it's in fact made with ONLY essential oils. Sadly some products state this which is not a lie, but it is not the full truth either. It has essential oils, but could also have phthalates.