Be Kind to the Environment

At Second Nature Body Co we believe in packaging that can be reused, repurposed or recycled. No more tossing somewhat useless plastic deodorant tubes into the landfill.

What we are doing to help the environment:

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Offering a Product with a Long Lasting Supply

FACT: Using a standard deodorant stick often applies more deodorant to the skin than is required. As a result, one deodorant stick will last many users ONLY 2 months! YIKES!

Our cream deodorant allows you to control the amount of each usage (a pea sized amount on each underarm); thus, providing you 3 to 6 months of usage with just ONE JAR and 2 to 3 months with ONE TRAVEL TIN!

This will not only save you time and money, but also potentially save many empty plastic deodorant tubes from entering the landfill.

Our Product Won't Stain Your Clothes

This deodorant cream absorbs into the skin leaving no residue, as a result, it doesn't stain your clothes.

How does this help the environment? Well, think of all the t-shirts you don't have to toss due to unsightly pit stains!

#WINNING and mother nature says "thanks!"

Reusable Packaging

We are so proud of our packaging options and how easy they are to repurpose / reuse.

Our beautiful 60g amber glass jar with a metal cap and our 30g travel tin make beautiful storage for travel accessories, jewelry, spice jars for daily use OR your camping bin. Get creative!

Our mini jars are perfect "on the go" refillable deodorant jars for your gym bag, fanny pack, desk drawer or car. Once you purchase one mini deodorant, simply refill it over and over from your deodorant jar. It can be the gift that keeps on giving. ALSO, these mini jars are the perfect storage for your weekend get-away toiletries.

If you have found another creative use for them we would LOVE to hear about it. Go you!

Jar Return Program

We are thrilled to offer you a $1.00 credit towards a future deodorant purchase upon receiving your empty deodorant jar.

To return it, simply bring the jar as-is to us at any of our markets or events and we will take care of the rest. Only unbroken jars with lids will be accepted. Sadly we only accept the amber jars with lids, not the tins at this time.

Thank you for helping to make a difference one jar at a time!


We love to reuse packing materials. When we get a shipment of our favorite essential oils, butters, clays etc. we keep the packing materials and reuse them to safely pack your orders.