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Winter Swell 7g Mini Deodorant - High Baking Soda Formula

Winter Swell 7g Mini Deodorant - High Baking Soda Formula

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Meet our original formula, inspired by the forest lined surf beaches of Tofino BC. A woody, ocean fresh, yet grounding scent with detoxifying bentonite clay that gives it an intentional green color. Don’t let that worry you tho, our formulas won’t stain your clothes.

Although all of our formulas are effective; we recommend this one in particular to those making the switch from traditional deodorants/antiperspirants that contain aluminum, phthalates or parabens. This formula has three odor busting ingredients and bentonite clay which will help pull toxins out of the skin. The essential oil blend of tea tree and lavender offer antibacterial properties to keep you fresh all day. Our intention with this formula is to provide you with a smooth transition into natural deodorant AND to blow your mind at how effective it is!


coconut oil

shea butter

magnesium hydroxide

non-gmo corn starch

tapioca starch

arrowroot powder

baking soda

zinc ricinoleate

bentonite clay

candelilla wax

calendula oil

vitamin e

aroma: tea tree essential oil, lavender essential oil



Our mini deodorants are your perfect on-the-go fanny pack companion. Each little jar will last you 1-2 weeks of usage SO they are excellent for short getaways, your desk drawer or car. Once it’s empty, we recommend refilling it with deodorant from your full-size jar. The mini is also great if you are still in search of your new “go to” deodorant AND simply want to try it before committing to a full-size jar.

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