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Stillness 7g Mini Deodorant - Low Baking Soda Formula

Stillness 7g Mini Deodorant - Low Baking Soda Formula

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Stillness is our unscented formula. Sometimes in life, less is more. Sometimes it’s about taking a moment to PAUSE and be STILL rather than continuing to go go go. For those who work in environments that are scent free, have sensitivity to scents or loved ones who do, this formula is perfect! It is gentle on your skin yet tough on odor.


coconut oil

shea butter

magnesium hydroxide

non-gmo corn starch

tapioca starch

arrowroot powder

baking soda

zinc ricinoleate

kaolin clay

candelilla wax

calendula oil

vitamin e

**FOR THOSE SENSITIVE TO BAKING SODA: It contains a very small amount of baking soda which many customers have reported no skin irritation, despite usually being sensitive to baking soda!


Baking soda is a fantastic deodorizer; however, approximately 5% of people will experience skin irritation after continual use and some women will experience irritation ONLY during certain times of their menstrual cycle.



Our mini deodorants are your perfect on-the-go fanny pack companion. Each little jar will last you 1-2 weeks of usage SO they are excellent for short getaways, your desk drawer or car. Once it’s empty, we recommend refilling it with deodorant from your full-size jar. The mini is also great if you are still in search of your new “go to” deodorant AND simply want to try it before committing to a full-size jar.

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